For 0-gauge: Mainly Hornby, plus some Bassett-Lowke, Bing, etc
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About Old Tin Toy Train

The business relates to the supply of a wide range of replacement parts for classic and ‘vintage’ 0-gauge toy trains which were produced in the first half of the 20th. century, plus a few which date back to the Edwardian era (1911-1914).

The business specialises in replacement parts for the 0-gauge toy trains produced by the world-renowned Meccano company of Liverpool between 1920 and 1954 under the brand name of ‘Hornby Trains’  and ‘Hornby Series’   The Liverpool business was founded by Mr. Frank Hornby  who developed the range of toy trains from his original invention of the famous ‘Meccano’ constructional kits. 

In addition to parts for Hornby 0-gauge trains, Old Tin Toy Train Parts also carries a smaller range of replacement parts for non-Hornby 0-gauge trains such as Bassett-Lowke, Leeds Model Company, Bing, Chad Valley, Wells-Brimtoy, etc.

The sole Proprietor is Cliff Maddock, a British subject, and is operated from a rural location west of London.
This particular business was founded and operated by Cliff’s late colleague Mr. Nigel Cotton of Basingstoke.  Cliff took over the business following Nigel’s death in 2008 and Cliff traded as ‘Somerlea Spares’ as a token of respect to Nigel, the name ‘Somerlea’ being the name of Nigel’s residence, which would be familiar to many customers.

Cliff is a life-long Hornby enthusiast and collector of model and toy trains, together with many other interests in collectable items of bygone years, including anything relating to the following:
- The Festival of Britain 1951
-  The Automobile Association (A.A.) and Royal Automobile Club (R.A.C.)
-  The ‘Eagle’ boys paper issued between 1951 and 1961
- Publications of the ‘Big Four’ railway companies (1923-1948)

There are a few other excellent suppliers of similar parts in U.K. although Cliff believes that his range exceeds that of other suppliers.  If Cliff cannot supply he will endeavour to recommend alternative sources.

Please note that we do not carry stock for the repair of ‘Hornby Dublo’ or other 00-scale trains.   Cliff will endeavour to direct enquiries regarding 00-gauge spare parts to appropriate suppliers.

How to Order
As our level of stocks varies constantly, we regret that we cannot offer a ‘basket’ system. Please send your enquiry by e-mail stating your requirements and preferably quoting our stock reference numbers. We will then reply with a detailed quotation.

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